"Just a lullaby" is a 2D pixel art roguelite immersed in an atmosphere that wants to be suggestive, disturbing but with a touch of irony. In a modern castle, six brothers with different abilities find themselves involved in an alien attack that, one after another, will see them fight and grow stronger. But, the past and the present are more connected than one might believe. Aided by two strange figures, a Castle Spirit and, perhaps, a bizarre ghost girl, they will face rooms, full of surreal enemies, which will lead to dungeons in other realities.
Collect :
  • food to survive,
  • keys to open doors that will lead you to upgrades,
  • various items to open the portal that will allow you to overcome each level.
Face a hundred monsters, hand-drawn like the entire game world. Move in 8 directions. Dodge the attacks of enemies. The inventory is limited and all items in it can be consumed (be careful!) Mini puzzles and an intricate skein to unravel. A few little quotes here and there... A game, at the same time, simple but intense. You will be given opportunities. Others will be taken from you. But, how many lives will you need to get to the end? And, find out the truth?

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